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La Valle


an open-air poem

Welcome to the evocative Valle d'Itria, an enchanting place nestled in the magical region of Puglia, Italy. This corner of paradise will leave you breathless with its authentic beauty and unique atmosphere, which will make you fall in love at first sight.

The Valle d'Itria is a breathtaking landscape, dotted with rolling hills, ancient olive groves, vineyards and a myriad of trulli, the charming cone-shaped houses that characterize this region. A journey through this valley is like stepping into a living painting, with its vibrant colors and serenity enveloping every corner.

Valle d'Itria is not only a place of visual beauty, but it is also a source of unforgettable experiences.

Explore the countryside by bike or on foot, letting yourself be conquered by the scents of wild vegetation that spread through the air.

Valle d'Itria is also famous for its delicious cuisine. Enjoy a dinner under the stars in one of the local trattorias, where you can taste Apulian specialties, such as handmade orecchiette, succulent roast meats and traditional desserts that will delight your palate and satisfy your taste buds.

The warm and welcoming people of Valle d'Itria will make you feel right at home. Discover their genuine hospitality and their love for life, as you immerse yourself in local traditions, participating in festivals and festivities that enliven the area throughout the year.

The timeless beauty of the Itria Valley will fascinate you and leave an indelible mark on your heart. This enchanted place is a must-see destination for those seeking authenticity, tranquility and a deep connection with nature and culture.

So, dear travellers, I invite you to visit the Valle d'Itria and let yourself be enchanted by its wonder. Discover its pristine beauty,

Alberobello: a gem set in the heart of Puglia
This picturesque city is a hidden treasure that will transport you to a world of timeless beauty and fascinating traditions.

Alberobello is famous for its trulli, unique structures that characterize its landscape. These charming white stone houses with conical roofs were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, and as soon as you see them, you'll understand why. They constitute a real valley, an expanse of cones of different shapes and sizes enclosed between hills that embrace the village.

But Alberobello is not the only area where these historic structures are located: you can find them scattered throughout the region, especially in the centre-south.


History of the trulli in Puglia
The history of the trulli dates back to hundreds of years ago, when local farmers built these characteristic stone houses for their residential use. It is believed that the origin of the trulli is linked to the laws of the time, which required communities to pay taxes on settlements. Building houses without mortar or concrete allowed them to tear them down quickly, thus avoiding taxation.

The trulli are built using a dry construction technique, where stone blocks are stacked without the use of binders. The thick walls, made of local limestone, typical of Puglia, allow to maintain a cool temperature during the hot summer months and conserve heat during the winter.

The main feature of the trulli is their conical roof, made with stone slabs superimposed to form an ellipse or a cone.

This particular design, as well as being aesthetically appealing, allowed the upper stones to be quickly removed to allow for aeration and drying of the internal walls, as the lack of mortar made it necessary to prevent the accumulation of humidity.

Throughout history, trulli have evolved. Alberobello is famous for its Rione Monti, an area where there are over 1,000 trulli arranged in a charming labyrinth of alleys and streets.

The trulli have become an icon of Puglia and attract visitors from all over the world.

Each trullo is unique, with artistic details painted on the outside walls and often colorful floral decorations. Their beauty and the enchanted atmosphere that surrounds them make them an unforgettable place to visit and explore.

The history of the trulli in Puglia is a cultural treasure that is handed down from generation to generation, and today it represents one of the most fascinating and characteristic attractions of the region.

Imagine strolling through the narrow streets of Alberobello, with its fairytale-looking trulli that seem to come from an enchanted tale.

As you wander through the alleyways, you will feel a sense of wonder and awe at the perfection of these ancient constructions.

But Alberobello is much more than an open-air museum. The city lives and breathes its history, with its artisan shops where you can buy unique and authentic items. 

local artisan tradition, from hand-painted ceramics to fine fabrics, letting yourself be enchanted by the mastery of the crafts handed down for generations.

Furthermore, Alberobello offers delicious cuisine that will delight your senses. Local restaurants will delight you with Apulian specialties, such as homemade orecchiette, fresh burrata and locally produced extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy an outdoor meal, immersed in the beauty of the streets of Alberobello, and let the authentic flavors of Puglia conquer your palate.

So, dear travellers, Palazzo Manzoni in Bari invites you to spend a day in Alberobello and discover its timeless beauty.

Let yourself be enchanted by the trulli, the flavors and the smiles of this unique city. A trip here will be an unforgettable experience that will remain in your heart forever. Alberobello awaits you, ready to capture your imagination and give you moments of pure beauty.

Alberobello, but also other wonderful places with breathtaking views such as Cisternino, Locorotondo and Ostuni, are Puglia gems to visit during your stay in Bari.

The cities of Valle d'Itria are about 50 minutes from Bari, but they are all close together, to be able to spend a day of relaxation and beauty!


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